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What to Do If You Are Charged with Illegal Celebratory Gunfire

In California, it is illegal to shoot a firearm into the air in an act of celebration. Known as “celebratory gunfire,” such acts are punishable by harsh fines, jail/prison time, and other serious consequences. If you or a loved one has been charged with celebratory gunfire, it is important that you reach out to an attorney right away to discuss your legal rights and options. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, we have more than 30 years of criminal defense experience and our founder, Virginia L. Landry, is widely recognized as an authority on California gun law. We know what is at stake, and we know how to fight for you and your future.

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Understanding California’s Celebratory Gunfire & Negligent Discharge Laws

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. This is true for ammunition; when bullets are fired upwards in celebration, they will come down—and have the potential to seriously injure bystanders. Celebratory gunfire typically falls under laws prohibiting the negligent discharge of a firearm.

In order to prove that a person has committed the crime of negligently discharging a firearm in California, prosecutors must show the following:

  • The alleged offender intentionally discharged the firearm/gun
  • The discharge of the firearm/gun was done in a “grossly negligent” manner
  • Discharging the firearm/gun could cause injury and/or death to others

It is important to note that accidentally discharging a firearm is not the same as negligently discharging a firearm; the firearm must be intentionally discharged in order for the act to be charged as negligent discharge. It should also be noted that an actual injury/death is not necessary for the state to bring charges. The mere potential of injury/death is enough.

What Are the Penalties for Celebratory Gunfire Charges?

In California, celebratory gunfire offenses are taken seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors alike. The consequences of a conviction can be incredibly harsh and, often, the prosecution will seek the maximum penalties possible.

Depending on whether the offense is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be facing the following penalties:

  • Up to 1 year in county jail (if charged as a misdemeanor)
  • Up to 16 months or up to 1, 2, or 3 years in state prison (if charged as a felony)
  • Fines and court costs
  • Probation

In addition, you may face serious social consequences. A conviction could make it very difficult for you to secure future employment, housing, or loans. It may also limit your educational opportunities. If you have been arrested for or charged with celebratory gunfire in California, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry as soon as possible. Our California gun law attorney is prepared to aggressively advocate for you—both in and out of the courtroom.

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