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Red Flag Laws

In the wake of mass shootings, California is 1 of 17 states to enact red flag laws. These temporary restrictions are designed to regulate guns without infringing on constitutional rights. While the approach has drawn bipartisan support at the state level, gun enthusiasts are reluctant to let the laws expand or operate on a national basis.

What Are Red Flag Laws?

In California, red flag laws allow family members and law enforcement to request a gun violence restraining order if they suspect someone of being a danger to themselves or others. When the order is enacted, law enforcement can confiscate the “dangerous” person’s guns for up to 1 year.

Can I Be Flagged?

If your family members are concerned or you display unsafe gun behavior in public, you can be targeted under red flag laws. If this happens, be sure to comply with law enforcement and calmly allow your weapons to be confiscated.

Even if you do not deserve to have your weapons taken away, remaining calm and respectful can help prove your case.

As soon as the red flag action is over, call your attorney.

Fighting Red Flag Action

Red flag laws are fairly new. In California, they were first enacted in 2014 and have not been used extensively outside of San Diego. Because red flag laws are so novel, they have not yet set precedents in court.

The right defense attorney may be able to prove that the red flag action taken against you was unlawful, unwarranted, or improper – and they can help you get your weapons back.

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