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Frequently Asked Questions About California Gun Ownership

While the Second Amendment defends citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, individual states have their own unique laws when it comes to gun regulations. This can make it difficult to understand how to remain compliant as a gun owner. Get the answers to frequently asked questions regarding California gun ownership to avoid a possible weapons charge.

California Gun Law FAQs

Below are the answers to three common questions that many current or prospective gun owners have regarding firearm regulations in this state.

How Do I Legally Possess a Weapon in California?

Anyone who wants to purchase a firearm in California must buy from a licensed dealer and submit to a background check. Buyers must also obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate after passing a written test, and must wait 10 days after applying for the firearm to receive it.

California bans most assault weapons and .50 caliber rifles and restricts the sale or possession of large-capacity magazines. Additionally, the state limits purchases of new handguns to one per person per month. Local law enforcement retains the discretion to deny anyone a license to carry a concealed weapon and the authority to further regulate firearms and ammunition.

How Much Jail Time Could a Person Receive for a Gun Crime Charge?

The consequences for a weapons charge vary depending on the unique circumstances of your case. For a gun crime such as carrying a concealed weapon in California, you may face up to a year in jail and fines of up to $1,000. However, if you have a prior criminal history, certain gun crimes may be automatically charged as felonies and can carry jail sentences of up to three years and fines of up to $10,000.

Is Assault with a Deadly Weapon a Felony?

Because the nature of the charge depends on the circumstances present during the crime, you may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The court will take into account the weapon used during the crime, whether there were any injuries, and whether or not the accused willfully committed the assault.

Facing a Weapons Charge in California? We Can Defend Your Rights

If you’re facing a weapons charge in California, Virginia L. Landry, also known as California’s Gun Queen, is prepared to defend your rights. Virginia, and every member of our staff, are ardent supporters of your Second Amendment rights, and we’re here to fight for you.

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