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How to Be a Lawful Gun Owner in California

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. As such, California gun owners need to make sure they’re well-informed on the various regulations in order to be a lawful gun owner. Review the guidelines below to ensure you remain compliant.

Firearm Regulations in California

There are several basic firearm restrictions that Californians should know, including the following:

California law:

  • Allows a maximum of one handgun purchase every 30 days.

  • Requires a 10-day waiting period between a firearm order and delivery.

  • Bans the sale of assault weapons and bump stocks.

  • Requires a permit from a local law enforcement agency to carry a concealed handgun, and requires a training course in order to obtain said permit.

  • Allows judges to confiscate firearms and ammunition from those who pose a danger to themselves or others based on threats, mental instability, domestic violence, and more.

Gun Registration in California

California requires the registration of handguns. Additionally, California requires any person moving into California with a firearm to do one of the following within 60 days:

  • Complete and submit a New Resident Report of Firearm Ownership, along with a $19 fee to the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms.

  • Sell or transfer the firearm to a California licensed firearms dealer or to someone using a licensed firearms dealer to conduct the transaction.

  • Sell or transfer the firearm to a California police or sheriff’s department.

How to Buy or Sell a Weapon in California

In California, all gun sales must be processed through a licensed dealer, and requires a background check. Gun dealers are required to obtain a state license in order to buy or sell weapons. Additionally, anyone looking to purchase a firearm must obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate after passing a written test. All firearm sales are permanently recorded.

Charged with a Gun Crime? We Can Protect Your Rights

Though California does have strict gun regulations, the Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, we’re staunch supporters of your Second Amendment rights. If you have been charged with a gun crime in California, we’re prepared to fight for you.

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